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Cristina, Michelangelo and Valentino Pesciarelli, owners of the Pesciarelli family companies, continue and enhance over a century of multi-sector experience, human connection and consolidated results

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The hybrid nature of Pesciarelli Network
and the high level of services offered
represent our driving force


We have been leader in building distribution in Umbria and Tuscany: Perugia, Siena, Arezzo since 1965; historic commercial network awarded by Youtrade as Best Sales Network; and BigMat members since 2005.

GDO Food & Beverages

We have been Conad members since 1985 for the Trasimeno East areas in the municipalities of Passignano sul Trasimeno and Magione. corporate and also local identities with local food and wine products. High quality artisanal internal production.

Not Food Retail

50 years of experience in the hardware, DIY and household sectors. Since 2019 we have been members of the Consorzio Brico Ok.

Real Estate

We manage our real estate assets, including the Pesciarelli Shopping Center, the first shopping center in Umbria which has hosted 20 businesses since 1982.

Past Experiences

In three generations Pesciarelli Network has been able to grasp the historical-economic circumstances of the market in various business areas, thus enriching its experience.

  • ICM Srl - Industria Cementi Mediterraneo - Bulk cement import
  • Area Srl - Agenza Rappresentanze Edili Associate - Construction industry
  • CIR Snc - Centro Italia Rappresentanze - Construction industry
  • CRES Snc - Compagnia Rappresentanze Edili Sarde - Construction industry
  • Abitat Trasimeno - Construction of residential buildings
  • FIPEM Srl - Iron processing for reinforced concrete
  • Special Euroconstruct Srl - Production of handmade bricks in Romania
  • CPM SRL - Carrozza Pesciarelli Mattioli - Metal profile processing industry
  • Pesciarelli Crispoldo - Wholesale trade in sanitary ware in Central and Southern Italy
  • Gecos Impianti Srl - International technological systems contract
  • Pesciarelli Francesco - Trucking and rentals
  • Checco e Valentina - Street trading of household products
  • Verdemela Snc - Clothing trade


We challenge the present
we plan for the long term

Pesciarelli Network operates a lean and pragmatic management, shared with its highly qualified and experienced team. We are always at the forefront of choices that determine a positive impact on the environment and the community in which we operate.





Data, talent, experience:
coordinates of the future

Pesciarelli Network is committed to carrying forward its century-long legacy of success to project it into the future with its stakeholders.

The "Pesciarelli formula" is based on concrete actions, trust partnerships with suppliers, customers and the banking system.

Among the priorities, the creation of an organised, high-performance and peaceful working environment stands out. Our main goal is to enhance our precious team of collaborators and attracts new talents and professionalism.

The direct and full ownership of the properties where we carry out our business constitutes an absolute competitive advantage that offers us great opportunities for development and resilience to negative economic cycles.




Via dei Molini, 1
06063 Magione (PG)


+39 075 847791